The River of Life

Streams the river along the hills,
About verdant valleys of life,
Infuses spirit, yet the brio fills,
The hearts of beings merrily jive.

For the sake of her the flowers blossom,
Bees and wasps fly in cheery vibes,
Nourished by the mother earth’s bosom,
Trees yield delicious fruit piles.

Musingly, I was enjoying the view,
I pondered “perhaps she flows for them,
The beings of nature, who live
Beside the river, fed by her up to the stem.”

As human bodies nourish by blood,
Our hearts pound round-the-clock for us
Hell or high water the current will flood,
Till our trunks end up lifeless.

The river floats tucking her beings in lush green,
The heart shrinks tending body in health,
Evenly we rely on one and all in this scene,
Liveliness of land is laid in hoarded wealth.



      1. I read ‘The brook’. Yeah it is a lovely poem. It’s true there are similarities. In that poem the river is the metaphor for a man’s life. In my poem river is the metaphor for a person’s heart. Thanks for mentioning about the poem.


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