Striding about the endless streets,
Worn and grimly dressed,
Looking for alms for meals,
For fight for life, folks are compelled.

Bobbing along the skyscrapers,
Lost in the sprawling cities,
Grumpy over seeking coppers,
Masses are muddled with pities.

Eyes dazed from neon lights,
High in the intoxicating vibes,
Ears deaf over loud beats midst overnights,
Complacency is sought by stray tribes.

Lying with the flesh of debauched bodies,
Gambling with destiny’s cards,
Hooking up with the riches as hobbies,
Opulence is pursued by sluggards.

Greedy over possessing realty,
Heartbeats pressured in triple,
Overlooked at the nature of divinity,
Mundaneness has frenzied people.


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