Space – Outer or Inner?

In the water tank, he swims with his fins,
He breathes the air of usual plants,
Sees his fellows’ reveling vibes,
Sucker and snails in their still modes,
Space for him is the water around him,
Only world he knows is the water tank.

We also make our own spaces,
Some need acres whilst some need perches,
Adding things to our spaces to have forever,
As immortals who came to everlast in here,
We look into the tank and we pity him,
But before long we see we both are alike.

To Thou, the Supreme to entire cosmos,
For Thy eye, ain’t I a fish in a globe,
Or, could Thou even see us,
Toiling to make a day’s living,
An acre may seem like an inch,
A month’s effort may seem as a blink,

We see endless stars above the sky,
But best known space is rotating before our eyes.
Except for discovering billions of galaxies,
The most precious place for us is our own,
So before finding unknown cosmic scopes,
The best is to make our spaces worth owning.



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