To – Selfish Love in me

I see him happy in her clench,

Then you poison my heart.

Had you been not so selfish,

I’d be gay as he smiles.

My mind wants to feel,

As normal about him,

As some person I know,

But you do not let me to.

Why should I conceal, that I still love him?

Perhaps ego comes in place of honesty.

Why should I not conceal, that I love him?

Because that’s what is really in my heart.

But had I told him so, will he be back?

Rather he will go farther from me,

After he left, why you bother me?

With you, I cannot go on anymore.

I need to soar into the sky, feel the free air,

Once again as a bird finally out of a cage,

Frivolously why you hold me?

Give me a break, leave me, so long.

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