Aftermath of Burglary

One hazy evening, when the nest was empty,
He entered through the fan light of my shower,
When I stepped in, facts were plenty,
Showing someone intruded with audacious power.

Everything was in place, albeit rummaged,
Foot mark on the window sill, cigar on the floor,
Disturbed me, as though my goods are damaged,
Sullied chattels to my eyes, was sore.

Lying on the tub was impossible in that hour,
As I felt the smoke of his cigar in the water,
Drops trickling down my body in the shower,
Each time felt as if am exposed to his gloater.

The marred preciousness of possessions,
Once again was worthier as time flied,
The fear of exposure dripped to remissions,
My safety, I let my wit to decide.


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