An Imminent Kidnap

I see two people who are warily approaching each other from the opposite ends of a street. One is wearing leather shorts and a cotton T-shirt together with a heavy gold chain and an earring pierced to the corner of one eyebrow. The look of him speaks to anyone who sees him observingly, “I am rich. Don’t you dare check on me. I live up above where you cannot even dream to reach.”

The other fellow is almost fidgeting trying to keep his nerves calm. He appears like a robber by the way he is stepping forward while constantly turning his head in every direction.

No sooner they approach each other than they extend their hands to shake. That too, they are doing while their eyes are turning around. They are hesitant even when they could hear the clang from the nearby belfry.

But it appears that one is more hesitant. He is the robber-like one who looked poorer than the other. But the poorer guy looks aggressive. The wealthy one’s ego does not allow his fear to reach up to his face. But one can notice that his fingers are shivering, his all in all behavior seems impatient.

Whilst remaining silent most of the time, now they are going to start their business. The rich man asks to come to a side of the pavement. Now they come closer to a building to seek some shade.

Man of wealth opened the zip of his leather shorts and took outside a parcel which was wrapped in a newspaper. Parcel looked like trash, but at the same time arousing suspense.

He handed it to the other and asked him to put it immediately into his pocket, saying

“You know the deal. Everything should go exactly according to the plan. We will decide the amount after the kidnapping takes place.”

“Yes, I understand. Should I need any weapon for me or my accomplice.?”

“Not necessarily a gun, but a less destructive one. Leave your pistols. I don’t think such situation where you will need them might arise. But keep a knife for the safe side. You know for threatening and other needs.” Rich one winked with a chortle.

“Okay, I need the advance for the duty, sir. And for the preparing too I will have to spend some.”

The toff gave a scornful glance at the ganster.

“You all are like fleas clinging into our feet. Don’t you get tired from all this?”

“What do I say,sir?”

Money-man searched the back of his shorts, took out his wallet, and extended a plump wad of money.

“Don’t ever ask for another rupee. First get the job done. Then I will pay you the rest.” He exclaimed.

“Right, I will try my best to do the job in the way you’ve instructed me.” the crook said in a subdued voice.

“No, there’s no trying left. This one time you have to get it right.”

“I feel that we are being watched, sir”

The wealthy man tried to look around but the other one interrupted.

“I have been informed in the morning that he has hired a private detective.”

“What! Why didn’t you tell me in the fist place. May be he is looking at us even now. What happens then. All our efforts must not go in vain.”

The man of wealth was near to explode with his nerves twitching on his temples.

“Sir, let’s just go now. I will carry out the job and will keep you informed.”

“You nincompoop. Now only you told me all this. At least get the job the way I planned.”

“When should I start, sir?”

“Tonight, you idiot.” Bawled the rich man without even considering the public surrounding.

“O-Okay, sir. As you wish.”

They turn around and walk towards the directions they came. The poor fellow is turning around to make sure his master is leaving.

Did the kidnap ever take place?

It did not.


Did any of you guess?



I’m the private detective.




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