Barefoot to Boardroom – Review

Barefoot to Boardroom by Dr. Leon Higgs

Genre: Nonfiction, Autobiography

Published in 2017

Pages: 168

Rating: 5/5 on Amazon

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This book was written to encourage those whose hopes dwindle in the face of hindrances. I share with you my journey to success so that it might inspire others not only to dream but to make those dreams a reality! With God, all things are possible.

In my view:

This autobiography is about a determined boy -Leon L. Higgs- who took the life-changing decision of whether to become an ordinary man as fishermen and farmers in his village or to take the dusty path which leads to nowhere with sheer valor.

The story revolves around many different surroundings which give pictures to the reader of a rural village, vibes of different universities and government bodies; moreover provides an enlightening about how those academic institutions and government corporations operate.

Many people dislike taking new challenges, but when you read this book, you will get to realize that the author’s accepting new challenges in his life, has affected neither his professional progress, nor his confidence. He demonstrates to every reader of his book, how to develop an institution, had he or she ever become a Head of a certain institution.

Shrewdness one has to acquire, to grasp opportunities for better prospects in one’s professional progress, obstacles a leader has to face with his firm attitude are revealed throughout the narration.

Further, he has paid gratitude to every person who played an important role in his life assisting him, and that is a great fact for appreciation, because most of the people forget their past as they progress.

He also proves us that, being a patriot is not only fighting or sacrificing life for a nation, but also pioneering little differences in one’s small world. To do that, you only need a seed of love for your nation and its people, implanted deeply in your heart.

Some people go to developed countries and get accustomed with those highly facilitated lives; by and by they forget their roots to an extent, which they would not even dream of being deprived of all those facilities and moving back to their still developing countries. For such people, Dr. Higgs is a great epitome who took up the bold decision of going back to his motherland to serve her, a decision which only leads him to climb the upper rungs of his life ladder.

In the author, I see a dedicated leader as well as a teacher not only academically expertized through his didactic orientations but also a mentor who truly cares about his students.

I recommend this to every reader who aspires a career in teaching and to all other readers who want to believe that a person can attain his goals no matter what conditions he is in presently.

There was not much about his personal life -the relationship between him and his wife, relationships between him and his sons- till the end of the book. Perhaps, the author did not want his professional life to be mingled with his personal life, just as in real life. But in the middle of the book, it seems that had he mingled them, the story would have been more gripping.

Postscripts of his acquaintances demonstrate him in other people’s eyes. Those records help the reader to get to know the author better and proves how great of a being he is.

I am grateful for this opportunity I have got to review this book. Because indeed I gleaned some lessons in my life.

Apart from the few quotes I shared below from his book, I should say that the most significant part of the book is his personal message. It will give the gist of the lessons he learned from his own life.

  • Every human being can be identified as a “citizen,” but more importantly, each of us has a native land, a place we call “home.
  • We owe it to ourselves and each other to always be, and do, our best.

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