Sigiriya – Sri Lanka


Enwrapped with a cycle of hazy summits,

Sprawling on endless lush green plains,

Enthrones the Sigiriya mount,

Adorned with all of its grace.

Soothing fountains and bubbling ponds,

The spirited water without any pipeline,

is pumped up to the apex magically,

Seizing the place as one of the world’s wonders.

Once a fortress of a king,

Secret chronicles unveil,

For him, a refuge from his brother

who’s on his way in thirst of his blood.

Modest frescoes of divine beauties,

Assembling Amaravathi drawings of India,

Muster flamboyant flowers,

With their devout hearts to worship their God.

Naked voluptuous globes proffer a vision,

of them bobbing and flapping with sheer glee,

Saffron nipples bravely confront the tradition,

Elated faces speak of an era free from cultural ties and judgment.

King’s mission of concealing himself,

Somehow failed in the midst of chaos,

Though the Queen Sigiriya,

is saved for the lineages to come.

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