Magnificent Melbourne

Flows the rippling river,
from Dandenong hills,
through the Yarra Valley,
to the sustaining sea.

Peeps the sun glinting
the golden Flinders street,
Drifts the briny breeze,
carrying pollens of Lysterfield lake.

Sturdy skyscrapers kiss the skies,
sheltering the renowned Bourke Street,
The virile Eureka Tower,
Stands leading the subordinates.

Red reflections on the roads,
made by neon lights of Crown Casino,
Brazilian Music of Copacabana
and the dancing, add rhythm to life.

Thrills the soul by surfing on Saint Kilda seas,
and cycling on the brink beaches,
overlooking the Spirit of Tasmania,
that rests on the dazzling dock.

Unrolls railways of the metro,
around magnificent Melbourne with
the heroic history of the state
compiled in the Shrine of Remembrance.

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