Passion vs money

We have heard of all kinds of advice regarding what to do in life from “Money is everything, follow your heart, find an affluent job,” to “Do what you love.” Among these endless advice, we try really hard to figure out what we really should do in life to be contented ultimately that we have led a satisfactory life. That’s what we need, right? At the end of our lives what else do we need?

Once we are dead, the game is over.

In this long quest, most of people get lost, do wrong, plunge into mental illnesses, lose their happiness once and for all just to get this one satisfaction.

People have different perceptions relating to various professions. Being an executive or an administrative officer is power; a banker or an accountant is on the way to power; being a stock broker or a successful businessman is money; being a doctor or a lawyer is prestige; being an artist or any kind of a creative person means little money and lots of struggle before you can earn big monies if you can earn them at all. Thus one looks at the results of being in any profession – whether it’s money, prestige or power – before figuring out what they really enjoy doing.

Some of us prefer to follow what we love or in other words passion, but little money or no money distracts us from that job or career. But have we really given it a thought before doing a less satisfactory job which has nothing to do with your passion just for the reason of earning money? Sure that money is essential to make the ends meet. But can’t we earn money, while doing our favorite thing? And here’s the irony. All the successful people around the world, who ended up being billionaires and millionaires have reached that place only by following their passion, but not by pursuing some money related goal. I have a list of them to affirm this: Bill Gates, J.K. Rowling, Walt Disney, and many many more success stories.

The reason behind this irony is simple. To be successful in any career you need to give your 100% to it. But if it’s not your passion, how can you give the required 100%? After committing yourself up to 50-60%, you will end up being stressed and worn out. Life will become a closer place to hell. Even if you have all the money you can earn with it, or have all the luxuries it can afford, you will lose the most important thing: happiness.

Thus it’s important to find what you love and follow it. The journey might be terrifying and discouraging. People will call you crazy, even your loved ones. People would say, “You should have something to fall back on.” But why should we have something to fall back on? Why should we have a Plan B? Because we do not have the faith in the current Plan A. Because we cannot commit our 100% to it. If we commit our 100%, we will never be unsuccessful. I cannot say that we will never face failures, but no matter how many failures, after that there lies success.

As they say, mind is the most powerful thing in the world. One can walk on the water or bend a spoon without using hands or tools by just developing the mind. Most of the eminent people have said the same things.

As you think, so shall you become.

– Bruce lee

The mind is everything. What you think you become.

– Lord Buddha

Focused mind power is one of the strongest forces on earth.

– Mark Victor Hansen

To find more quotes like the above click here.

So enhance your belief. Believe that you can do. Boost your self-love. Love yourself enough to let you follow your passion and find your place in this world, not anyone else’s place. If you follow someone, you can be the best duplicate, but not the original. So be an original.

For that you just have to hang in there with all the struggles and difficulties, but also with all the belief in the world until you get your breakthrough – that one photograph that will reward you all the prizes, that one piece of music that will earn all the ovations in the world, that one book which gets translated into many languages and makes you renowned, that one tournament that brings you a medal followed by many honors.

To believe or to self-love I highly recommend meditation. It really helps to reduce stress and compress the focus into one important thing.

May we all find what we love and there be people who do all kinds of jobs – from white collar, blue collar, pink collar to no collar – with love. (There are people who love vacuum cleaning or trimming trees.) May there be less wrongdoings and may the world be a better place, if not the best.

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