Baby turtle in the net

He saw the light of the world
A little while ago,
He along with his comrades
paced towards the sea.

But a fish-scented mesh
Entangled him inside,
He pushed and pushed,
The sieve won’t let loose.

There came a hollering wave
Splashing and gushing,
Carrying vapouring droplets,
Yet didn’t stretch a helping hand.

Another tide reached,
A little closer than the one before,
He tried to tumble into it,
But the torrent reversed into the mass.

He extended his hand,
He called the sea,
And prayed to God,
For a robust current.

The sun flew to the median,
Harsh rays scorched the sand,
Muffled in the mesh,
He pleads for life.

He doesn’t let go of hope,
He keeps on tumbling and crawling,
Bit by bit he reaches the damp shore,
And up to the embrace of mother sea.

The ripples let loose the mesh,
With the flow, he lets free himself.

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