Shrine of serenity

The stupa’s endless-white dome,
The Bo tree holds the flag of epitome,
There spirits fly into a sprawling void,
The air washes clean our lives of lloyd.

Hazing perfume of incense sticks,
Dazing sun on bo leaves slicks,
Reliquary-carrier wears a bandana
Hoping to pursue the path to nirvana.

Lord Buddha’s gilded altar
emit compassion from eyes ajar,
Consecrated flowers’ aroma
Scent the hermitage of Dharma.

The power of souls in a state of zen
The path of soft sand that defies linen
Meditating masses in every corner
Pacify the wandering perambulator.

Introspective journeys of souls
Unattainable by a thousand strolls,
Enlightenment of life in the whole
Deeper than Earth’s black hole.

Trickling water in a silver fountain
Reminds the waning of life for certain,
Tranquilizing pollen of serenity
Drift towards the far-flung eternity.

In monasteries dwelt in sheer solitude
People lie composing life’s interlude
Seeking nothingness in nature’s embrace
From crib to coffin – the dwindling pace.

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