About me

Hi, I’m Jesmine Zain and welcome to reviews and the muse hamper for keeps. I have created this for you as a gift to keep as a collection of poems and muses regarding various aspects of life.

In this technology-crammed world, we all live hectic lives with very less leisure time. It kills the sensitivity and creativity of us by being compelled to work like robots. These poems and muses would give a new sensation for your hectic lives and will make you think of the dynamics of your lives.


The water of a river is not the same when we look back,   

The essence of the wind is not the same when we breathe back,    

Consonantly our lives drip and drip into the flashback,   

Thus, ere long let’s inscribe our work in a lasting plaque.

There is an Artist living in every one of us.

Awaken him/her and see what comes out of him/her, how life gets to flow smoothly through many bends and barricades, how the poetic canopy of trees will comfort you through your lives’ journeys.

More about me,

I am a lawyer in the profession. Though I chose to be a lawyer in the profession I am a poet at heart. Also, I am a forever student and love to educate myself throughout the share of my life in this world.

As soon as I get free time I go shopping, hanging out, partying. Nah… That’s not me. Unless there’s a beautiful and tranquil park I prefer staying home or in a homely atmosphere and have a great time with myself or with some really close friends in my life.

I am currently working as a freelance writer and is always interested in a challenge. Reach out to jesminezain@yahoo.com to connect!